MyLaps timing system

Since the start of 2012 the GCC has been using its MyLaps timing system to run, time and place all riders who race with us. The data base of results on the web site continues to grow giving us a history of results for every rider who has raced.

This timing system is the envy of many clubs and has taken us to the next level in terms of offering fast and accurate results to all riders. This timing system has been used to time events for other clubs including Cycling Victoria.

As we move forward we wish to encourage more members to purchase their own transponder as some have done already so they have access to their personal results including all lap times.

New Transponder ownership options

MyLaps have just introduced a new type of transponder for riders to purchase/ rent called the Flex Transponder. For Geelong members this transponder bridges the gap between having to hire a club transponder ($5 per race) and having to purchase one out right ($120).

The transponder has a hardware fee of $14.50 (one off) and a 1 year subscription fee of $35.50. They come with complete insurance and a warranty – so if the battery fails or it breaks, etc – simply send it back to us (MyLaps) and they will replace it for free. This warranty is unlimited as long as it is under subscription.

If you stop racing and no longer wish to have the transponder you can return it to the club or hand it on to someone else. The flex transponder is totally transferable and can be registered in someone else’s name on a new account without you losing all your personal race results in your MyLaps account. The transponder warranty will continue despite the change of registration.

After the first year subscription pricing is as follows: 1 year = $35.50, 2 year = $60, 5 year = $121.

The club will do a bulk order on behalf of interested riders to save on delivery costs. If you are interested in getting a flex transponder or require more information please contact Dan Wilson.


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1:30 pm Tri Series – Ballarat (Linton)
Tri Series – Ballarat (Linton)
Aug 31 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Tri Series – Race 3 – BSCC Linton BSCC will play host for the final round of the Tri Series at Linton on the loop used for the clubs Brookman Handicap Hell’s Gate race. The loop is reasonably flat so it will give everyone a chance to win.   Click here for the map:   Date: 31st of August 2019 Location: Linton Time: 1:30pm   The aggregate is extremely close so it will be important for all clubs to bring their A teams! Aggregate Club Points Colac Cycling Club 177 Ballarat  Sebastopol Cycling Club 170 Geelong Cycling Club 162

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