Grade Policy

One of the grey areas of cycling is grading and how it works. The Geelong Cycling Club has endeavoured to put together a few words on how grading and the promotion/relegation system works.

The club endeavours to keep an accurate record of all race results that underpins the grading system. The handicapper casts a close eye over all race results, but bear in mind that they will not remember every individual.

If they occasionally ask for some information about your race history, please don’t be offended. The handicapper will take your word on your ability and potential grade. However, if a rider then goes and destroys the bunch he is riding in and ultimately the racing, it won’t be viewed favourably. Offers from individuals to race in a higher grade will be applauded!

Grade Promotion

No rider can continue to collect results and money in a grade without being promoted, A grade excluded. This will make you highly unpopular with your fellow riders and the handicapper. Ripping your bunch apart, a series of placings and / or including a win, will mean that you are knocking on the door of being promoted to a higher grade. Please see this as chance to improve and embrace the opportunity to improve your riding. The club will endeavour to warn you of your pending promotion. This may be the cue to do a few extra K’s!

Grade Relegation

Riders will not be able to simply choose the grade they race in. Comments like, “I haven’t touched the bike in a month” and “I’ve been sick” do not warrant a drop in grade. Some “genuine” bad performances, a DNF and a display of some average form will make riders eligible to drop a grade at the handicapper’s discretion.

Please remember that handicapping and grading isn’t an exact science. All efforts are made to ensure that the racing is fair and equitable for all riders. The handicapper is happy to take on board rider feedback when approached in the right manner.

Any questions or concerns, please speak with the club handicapper.

Grade Level Guide

GradeAv. SpeedBicycle SkillsRacing Style
A40+ km/hAdvanced bike handling and bunch craft; predictable.Hard and fast; constant and sustained attacks; often a war of attrition.
B36-40 km/hExperienced bike handling required.Fast paced; frequent attacks rarely successful when bunch is organised.
C32-35 km/hRace skills and bunch positioning skills required and developing.Solo attacks, but rarely survive to the end; race often splits into smaller bunches as the race progresses.
D32 km/h or lessAim to improve bunch and bike skills.Often supported by an experienced A-grade rider. Educational based racing. But often won by a fast-improving rider.
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