Join Geelong Cycling Club and Cycling Australia

AusCycling provides membership for cyclists of all ages and standard – including Juniors (9-19 years), Elite (20-29 years), and Masters (30+ years). We cater for all boys, girls, women and men. All emberships provide full comprehensive personal insurance whenever you’re riding.

Join Geelong Cycling Club

You can apply for a membership at the Cycling Australia website.

Select Cycling Victoria, then Geelong Cycling Club. Choose your membership type and age group, then pay online.

Cycling Australia will send you your membership card in about 7-14 days.

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Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on your age (Junior, Elite, Masters). All fees are for a calendar year, except for the Trial Memberships.

You can pay online through the AusCycling website.


Included in your membership is 24/7 Public Liability Insurance worldwide, which includes third-party property damage, and third-party bodily injury, and 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance, which includes non-Medicare expenses, and income protection.

Race Membership

Race Membership let you access all activities run by Geelong Cycling Club and all forms of racing – road, track, time trials - plus personal insurance.

Membership lasts for 12 months (Jan 1–Dec 31 each year); half yearly membership may be available from June 1.

Cheaper Regional Race memberships are also available to Geelong Cycling Club members.

Ride Membership

Ride Membership includes training rides, recreational rides (including women's-only ride), and personal insurance.

No racing is included, other than time trials.

Membership is available for three months or 12 months.

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