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About the Geelong Cycling Club

Since 1911 the Geelong Cycling Club has shared the passion and fun of cycling with the community.

Today the club aims to create a friendly and nurturing platform to women and men of all levels of training and skill level from beginners to racing at club, State and National levels.

The club is the only one in the region to offer road, off-road and track racing in all age categories from juniors, through to seniors and masters.

Our history

The Geelong Cycling Club has a proud history in the community since 1911. Beginning life as the Geelong West Cycling Club based at the criterium track at the Geelong West oval.

In 2017 the Club moved to its current home at the newly constructed two-storey Cycling Regional Pavilion at the Geelong Criterium Circuit site in Barwon Heads Road, Belmont.

We have members and affiliates who have become Olympians, Commonwealth Games athletes, state and national title holders, elite competitors representing teams around the world, renowned coaches and administrators and ambassadors of our sport.

How to get involved

It all starts with the Geelong Cycling Club nurturing a passion, providing a platform and forging a pathway with our members.

GCC welcomes any first-time riders to come along and try racing. All riders require at least a temporary racing licence before participating. Trial  licences can be purchased here from AusCycling. At the moment, there is currently a free 4 week trial licence.

Please contact [email protected] for further details pertaining to short term licence options and how to get started.

We welcome you to come and visit us at one of our events at our premier cycling facility in the heart of Geelong or one of our carefully curated courses in the region and see why you’ll fall in love with the sport of cycling and the Geelong Cycling Club.


Winter Calendar Marshal Nomination Form

As you are aware, the success of the running of our club relies heavily on the support from our members. This includes marshalling at our events to esure the smooth running of our events and the safety of our athletes. We ask all of our members to nominate for at least one race on our calendar. Once your nomination is in and has been accepted, you are responsible for the duty. This means, that if you still wish to race, you are free to organise someone else to do the duty for you, friend, brother, sister, Dad etc. and that will count as your duty.

Please nominate for your marshal duty here.

Geelong Cycling T-Shirt

COVID-19 has impacted us all in one way or another and the Geelong Cycling Club is no different. This year the majority of our winter racing calendar had to be cancelled due to public health directions. Club racing is our primary source of income to cover our costs of operating and enhancing your racing experience.

Over the past 18 months we have made some awesome enhancements to the way the club operates and the way we put on racing. We have upgraded our website, changed our booking platform and upgraded our timing system. We have also future proofed the club by developing engineering and project plans for shovel ready infrastructure projects at our home of cycling.

With the loss of our primary source of racing income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we are running a t-shirt campaign to substitute our racing income to help fund some of these wonderful enhancements.

Not only do you get to support the club that has shared the passion and fun of cycling with the community since 1911 through a particularly testing time in our history, you get to sport an awesome bit of kit created by the very talented Lincoln Stolz.

Linc, who was also a collaborator for our new on bike gear, has captured for us what it means to be a cyclist in the region.  “I think it is something a bit of fun and celebratory of the area that everyone should be able to relate to”.

Take me to the shop! 



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