Wednesday, 12th February


Scratch race

1st Brayden

2nd Molly

3rd Dom

4th Declan

5th Lincoln

6th Kane

7th Sam

8th Bryce

9th Harry

10th Fraser

11th Oliver

Scratch Race

1st Brayden

2nd Declan

3rd Molly

4th Dom

5th Lincoln

6th Kane

7th Sam

8th Harry

9th Bryce

10th Fraser

11th Oliver


1st Declan

2nd Lincoln

3rd Sam

4th Harry

5th Bryce

6th Kane

7th Molly

8th Fraser

9th Brayden

10th Dom

11th Oliver


1st   Brayden

2nd Kane

3rd Dom

4th Oliver

5th Lincoln

6th Harry

7th Declan

8th Sam

9th Molly

10th Fraser

11th Bryce

Scratch Race

1st James

2nd Mark

3rd Greg

4th Tony

5th Stefan

6th Paul

7th Tim

8th Oliver

Flying 200m

1st James        12.8

2nd Greg          13.0

3rd Tony           13.6

4th Mark          13.9

5th Stefan       14.8

6th Paul           14.9

7th Oliver        15.27

8th Tim             15.8

Scratch Race – Missing out

1st James

2nd Stefan

3rd Tony

4th Mark

5th Oliver

6th Jim

7th Paul

8th Greg

Point Score

James              23 points

Mark                 17 points

Greg                  14 points

Stefan              11 points

Tony                  9 points

Oliver               8 points

Paul                  7 points

Jim                     7 points




















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1:30 pm Tri Series – Ballarat (Linton)
Tri Series – Ballarat (Linton)
Aug 31 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Tri Series – Race 3 – BSCC Linton BSCC will play host for the final round of the Tri Series at Linton on the loop used for the clubs Brookman Handicap Hell’s Gate race. The loop is reasonably flat so it will give everyone a chance to win.   Click here for the map:   Date: 31st of August 2019 Location: Linton Time: 1:30pm   The aggregate is extremely close so it will be important for all clubs to bring their A teams! Aggregate Club Points Colac Cycling Club 177 Ballarat  Sebastopol Cycling Club 170 Geelong Cycling Club 162

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