Race 3, NorthWestern Handicap Tour – Wood Sellars Memorial Handicap

July 7, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
Maude Tennis Club

Please take note of the new race light policy

Race 3 in the NorthWestern Handicap Tour. Wood Sellars Memorial Handicap


Distance: Senior – 56Km ()

Course Map

Entry Fee: Seniors – $20

Race Entry:

(riders will need to create an entryboss log in- no cost)
Entries open at 6;00 PM Sunday 1st, enter as a volunteer.
9:00PM Monday for everyone else.
Entries close 9:00AM Thursday
Note there will be no late entries and entries will close once fields reach capacity.
Race Day Registration:
Rego: 12:00 Pm- 12:45 Maude Tennis Club
Start Time: 1:00pm

Notes: Full series details can be found here.

Entry to the event can be done here; https://entryboss.cc/races/1335





  • David Lane

    Is there a scratching policy? That is, if I enter and then scratch does my money get refunded? How late can I scratch?

  • David Lane

    I see, scratch Fri, 06 Jul 2018 12:00 noon AEST. Is refund automatic?


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