Cycling Research Participants Required

Sport science researchers at Deakin University (Geelong Campus) are seeking trained cyclists to participate in a research study which will examine the effect of altitude on performance.

Altitude training has been shown to enhance performance and the use of simulated altitude devices is gaining in popularity at both the elite and sub-elite level.  Since altitude negatively effects performance then a better understanding of this effect can be used to assist cyclists to develop specific training programs and monitor performance during an altitude training intervention. Performance will be assessed using the critical power model which provides information regarding both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

The specific aim the current research study is to examine the effect of altitude on VO2max, ventilatory threshold, anaerobic and aerobic contribution to intermittent high intensity cycling.  The criteria for inclusion in the study are as follows:

·         Males only

·         18-45yrs

·         Minimum 2yrs consistent cycling training history

·         Average cycling training >7hrs/wk for the past 3-6 months

There will be five visits to the Deakin University exercise physiology laboratory in total with each visit lasting approximately 90min in total, which includes preparation time, warm-up, exercise testing, and warm-down.

Performance tests involve the following:

·         VO2max test (which includes detection of the ventilatory threshold aka ‘lactate threshold’)

·         3min maximal effort anaerobic capacity test

·         Intermittent cycling time to fatigue test lasting approximately 15-20min

Physiological measures will include the following: oxygen consumption, blood oxygen saturation, muscle oxygenation, critical power analysis, and respiratory function tests. All participants will receive a report with the following information: VO2max, ventilatory threshold, respiratory function, anaerobic capacity + critical power analysis, power output training zones summary.

Nb: there are no invasive procedures included in this project.

If you are interested in participating in this project please contact the lead investigator Dr Nathan Townsend on (03) 5227 3394 or via email at


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