2014 AGM Reports

President’s Report

It is again my pleasure to present my President’s Report.

A successful year is difficult to quantify however I shall attempt to justify my contention that we have indeed enjoyed pleasing progress across the full range of endeavours our Club pursues


Under the guidance of our Junior Co-Ordinator Danielle Bridger and supervision of Club Coaches, Craig McCartney (road) and Oliver King (track) our membership has continued to grow to near forty, in fact to a point where another Coach will be necessary to cope with numbers attending Tuesday training at Belmont Island.

Particularly pleasing is the number of girls attending training and racing, still a distinct minority but a truly dramatic change in GCC experience.


Ever the difficult demographic to attract to Racing progress is being made. If our Junior Women numbers continue to grow and they can remain engaged then the future of women’s racing in Geelong is bright.

Not content with Junior Women only GCC continues to seek growth in the ranks of Senior Women. To this end with the enthusiastic support both financially and with time Mr Tony McKenzie has chaired a Women’s Criterium Committee dedicated to holding our first Women’s only race meeting at Belmont Common this coming Saturday morning, March 15 between 8:00am and Noon. Attendance, support and assistance by GCC Members and friends is urged at our inaugural “Gartland’s Girls Into Gear” Criterium. A festive atmosphere has been planned with food, coffee, cycling industry presence and give aways.

This event and the associated mentoring program run by GCC Women’s Coach Kim Howard has had modest attendances, up to 12 riders per session which has led to increased membership to a point where for the first time a Women’s championship was conducted in the discipline of Criterium.

Progress indeed.

Senior Men.

Membership has built to around 160 over the past two seasons reflecting the engagement our  program has had with racing cyclists in the Geelong Region due in no small part to GCC Race Committee Chair Mr Daniel Wilson. Dan has worked hard to bring a range of courses to the Winter and Summer schedules and continues to develop a streamlined Road Race Permit format to this arduous process.

Disappointing numbers at races has given Dan cause to reflect on Members desires and surveys have sought input. I hope our race numbers will improve for the vibrancy and prosperity of this Club.

Having said that I note 103 individuals raced at least once in our just completed Criterium Series.


A “Pay In Advance” system has seen some 20 seniors present for this seasons Track, by far our biggest response for many years along with strong Junior support. This is in a way confirmation for the dedication over many years by Pam and Neville Williams who religiously conduct Wednesday night Racing at the Geelong West Velodrome ably assisted by Coach/Co-Ordinator Oliver King.

Thank you for you dedication, this is appreciated.

Web Site:

I am confident everybody is pleased and impressed with the upgraded relaunched web site. GCC Member Ben Andrews has done remarkable work here and continues to add and refine, no request has been too difficult for Ben, again many thanks.



I am particularly pleased with the membership of our current Committee. A finer group of committed, co-operative people is difficult to imagine and so are a pleasure to meet with.

With a few additions the load on individual members could be reduced, I particularly feel the burden on Danielle and Daniel needs to be reduced so we welcome and urge those interested in stepping forward to please do so. Groups such as Brendan Macauley’s “Trailer Detail” is a case in point but don’t be shy, there are jobs a plenty

I will be absent travelling for the Month of April secure in the knowledge that this Club is in the most capable of hands.

Areas missed and people omitted, please forgive me.

John Burtt

Monday March 10, 2014



It has been a busy year for our Juniors with numbers growing each week.  We have a number of new members and three new Junior Girls, which is fantastic.

Craig McCartney’s (Macca) training on Tuesday nights is so successful that the Club has had to employ another Coach to keep this popular program going as we have had up to 20 attend.

Oliver King (Ollie) has been coaching our Juniors on Monday nights at Geelong West; we have the regulars but have had a few new Juniors try our track riding which is great.  Kaitlyn Schurmann who has Cerebral Palsy has mastered the art of track riding and is participating in the Australian Para Cycling in Echuca in April.

The Women’s Into Gear training on Tuesday nights with Kim Howard has had a slow start, but in the last few weeks it has become very successful, with more and more women turning up each week.  I have had numerous telephone calls and emails about these sessions and after day light savings finishes Kim is hoping to run the sessions on the weekends, which I hope, will attract more women.

Looking forward to the Road Season and some great training and racing.


Junior Co-Ordinator/Women

Road Coordinator

On reflection the past 12 months at the Geelong Cycling Club have been successful. Membership and racing participation has been at its highest in my time involved. I think there is still some room for improvement on this front but the club continues to build on its wonderful history. We always strive to engage the membership and give them a good reason to get out and put a number on. We hope to build on this in the future and by continuing to evolve how we do things.

I would like to knowledge the work of the GCC committee and their contribution to my role as road coordinator, particularly Danni & John. I would also like to thank Bernard Dynes, Grant Blake & Tony Ross for their continued assistance on race day.

I’m always interested in what the membership thinks, please let know your thoughts on what we might do to improve how we do things. Offers of assistance are always most welcome as well!

Dan Wilson

Road Coordinator.


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